Lux Marble Sydney

Lux Marble Sydney

Project Description Lux Marble Natural Stone Sydney Showroom Requirements:  Interior Design, Landscape Design, Detailing. Commenced: 01/09/2020 Completed: 26/11/2020 Client: Lux Marble, MCC Location: 146 Joynton Ave, Zetland NSW 2017 DESIGN PROPOSAL Existing Site Design & Construction Progress
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Project Brief The Violin House project was designed to meet the need for commercial and public space that creates engagement and celebrates the arts. The design includes a high-rise commercial building for office spaces with an auditorium, art gallery, community centre, offices, restaurant, and cafes. The large spaces allow for creativity in use and function [...]

Livingstone International warehouse

Project Description Livingstone International warehouse Requirements: Interior Design, Detailing. Commenced: 20/05/2020 Completed: 20/06/2020 Client: Livingstone International warehouse Location: 5 Wulbanga St, Prestons NSW 2170 DESIGN PROPOSAL TIMELINE

HPM Projects Management

Project Description HPM Projects Requirements: Contract design for commercial and residential projects. Commenced: 01/12/2016 Completed: 01/07/2017 Client: HPM ( Hotel Project Management ) Location: Aydin, Turkey SUR HOTEL MALTA HOSPITAL HOTEL SHOWROOM STAND HOTEL AYMIRA HPM OFFICE

Bing Lee Shopping Centre

Project Description Bing Lee Shopping Centre Requirements: Building Design, Interior Design, Landscaping, Lighting. Commenced: 01/04/2019 Completed: 15/06/2019 Client: Bing Lee Shopping Centre Location: Kenyon Ln, Fairfield NSW DESIGN PROPOSAL FLOOR PLAN

45 AVM Shopping Centre

Project Description 45 AVM Shopping Centre Requirements: Building Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Detailing. Commenced: 01/05/2017 Completed: 01/05/2017 Client: KAYHAN ERDOĞAN Location: Manisa, Turkey DESIGN PROPOSAL TIMELINE