Main things to consider designing a bedroom

A bedroom is your private escape and your space, where you can use your favorite hues to create emotion. It is the room where you can set your preferences and design to your desire.

Here are some design tips and rules you can consider when designing your bedroom:

Make it Pure

Keep the bedroom simple and cosy. You can maintain elegance by only placing functional furniture. Furniture can include the bed, bedside tables, a chair, and a dresser with a chest of drawers.  Anything beyond this is excessive and can clutter the space. Use minimal accessories to enhance the room, such as some personal photos, artwork, and some candles.


Select a Nice Colour

For your room colour, select relaxing tones and a tranquil palette of monochromatic shades. Some colours such as blue, lavender, and green are known for creating peaceful and serene spaces. High jewel-toned shades create a feeling of cosiness and relief. Additional cosy colour schemes include toasty browns, deep pomegranate, or topaz. You can also take advantage of toned-down models of your favourite colours.


Ceiling Design

The ceiling design is essential because it is what you see when you lie on your bed. Paint it with a soothing colour. Moreover, it can be a lighter shade than the colour of your walls, this will help to create a relaxing space. Adding materials, such as wallpaper, or architectural elements like beams, are other design options that can enhance your ceiling design.

Window Covers

Curtains have an aesthetic role in addition to their primary function of filtering light or vision. Framing the window with a curtain creates softness in the room and enhances the feeling of warmth. Experiment with different coloured fabrics, patterns and texture.



When buying furniture for the bedroom, make sure you know the dimension of the room. Prepare a simple floor plan to make the process of purchasing the correct size furniture easier. The size of each piece of furniture should work with the size of the bedroom. For example, furniture that is too small will look lost in a large room.




Lighting plays a vital role in a bedroom, and it is a must for a bedroom to have good ambient lighting. There should be several lights with different intensities. Small lamps, including bedside lamps, can focus light on reading and other activities; and help create a feeling of warmth and comfort.


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