Kitchen Design

So many people think the kitchen area is the heart of a house, so they want it with its unique furniture, appliances, utensils, and stuff that makes it up to their own brand of kitchen design. Absolutely, it is the core of every party and the heart of all family events. A tidy and well-organized kitchen will help contribute to a more enjoyable experience in the case of preparing food. Choosing the right kitchen design will help you reach that target.

In kitchen design, unlike other spaces like a living room and bedroom design, there is a more notable intention than stylish and relaxation. It is principally made for you to make food without trouble. Therefore, before starting a kitchen design you should know the principles of designing a functional kitchen that includes aesthetic and comfort characteristics also.

Ample space

Maybe preparing ample space is the main feature of a good kitchen design because easy movement is very important in the comfort of food preparation. This is the first thing that you should consider in designing a kitchen.


An essential part of kitchen design is to prepare a place to store utensils. Well-organized kitchen cabinets and drawers are essential kitchen design criteria. A great deal of kitchen designs has cabinets that look so fantastic high up in the air. But the fact is it is so high up, so you could not really use it. Do not go for fancy go for accessible and purposeful design.


Well, thought the placement of workplaces is of great importance in any kitchen design. The easy access of the workplace to the stove and refrigerator should be considered in kitchen interior design.


A wide range of materials can be used in kitchen design, but if your choice is wood, you should make sure it will not easily depreciate through time. If wood is your primary material all around the kitchen, just consider that it is not a structure that can be in constant contact with water.


A significant rule in a kitchen design is the triangle rule, in which the three main stuff of kitchen, refrigerator, oven, and sink, each must be on a different apex of a triangle. This designing rule keeps these three kinds of stuff in the easiest access way possible.