Kitchen Design

So many people think the kitchen area is the heart of a house, so they want it with its unique furniture, appliances, utensils, and stuff that makes it up to their own brand of kitchen design. Absolutely, it is the core of every party and the heart of all family events. A tidy and well-organized […]

Modernism In Architecture

Characteristics of Modern Architecture Nowadays several architectural designs are known as Modern architecture, but what is really the Modern style? The origin of Modern architecture goes back to the end of the 19th century. In fact, Modern architecture was the consequence of the industrial revolution, the construction industry changed from traditional building styles filled with […]

A Colourful Interior Design

During the last years, the popularity of bringing colour in interior spaces has been increased dramatically. But how can we create a colourful interior design without being too flashy? Neutral-coloured furniture (e.g., black) is lasting, adjustable, and chic. Neutral colours look nice while also remaining safe. If that is a style you like, you must […]

Main things to consider designing a bedroom

A bedroom is your private escape and your space, where you can use your favorite hues to create emotion. It is the room where you can set your preferences and design to your desire. Here are some design tips and rules you can consider when designing your bedroom: Make it Pure Keep the bedroom simple […]

The main characteristics of a good entrance

The main characteristics of a good entrance The entrance creates the first impression of a building, it creates the first experience of using a place; so, how should we design the entrance to be a dramatic statement about the building’s quality?       A superior entrance should have several design features: Easily Recognisable One […]

How To Become A Minimalist?

How To Become A Minimalist? Yes, It’s the word you hear a lot. It’s the trend, it’s the popular style. Minimalism is the word. But what really defines this style and how you can become one! Well, in this piece we are going to enlighten you with the tips and tricks of minimalism and how […]