About us


Art Decoline is a Sydney based design company offering services in residential, commercial, retail and exhibition design and implementation.

We are passionate about design and people. We are dedicated to creating spaces that represent your vision.

Our custom approach to every individual project is innovative, and has an edge that’s unique and sure to inspire. We work tirelessly in crafting an original space from state-of-the-art materials, lighting, fabrics and beyond to forge a whole element of artistic and functional design.

Art Decoline designs with a strong focus on environmental impact and sustainability, in construction and material longevity, economical return, and multiple uses within the lifetime of the building.

Arman Gouniaei Senior Designer

Arman Gouniaei, has over ten years of experience as a building and interior designer on international projects. He has worked with Australia’s largest developers and has established his reputation as a designer from conception to construction.

He is a bold and innovative designer bringing his unique eye, creativity and passion to every project. His empathetic and customer focussed nature ensures his clients’ visions come to life.

Arman’s comprehensive knowledge combined with industry-related tertiary qualifications in architectural design is instrumental in understanding and meeting the individual needs of each and every client.

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Building Designers Association of Australia National Design Awards 2021