A Colourful Interior Design

During the last years, the popularity of bringing colour in interior spaces has been increased dramatically. But how can we create a colourful interior design without being too flashy?

Neutral-coloured furniture (e.g., black) is lasting, adjustable, and chic. Neutral colours look nice while also remaining safe. If that is a style you like, you must be faithful to it, but most of us like safe colours, and we tend to distance ourselves from colour because painting a bright accent wall or selecting colourful furniture can seem risky and scary.

What is the right way to use colour when designing interiors that do not look too aggressive or scary to commit to?


It is possible to play with and use lots of bold colours while still making the entire design look sophisticated and cohesive by using a balance with neutrals. For example, selecting one colourful item and then using neutrals for other things.

If overdoing it with colour makes you worried, just select one colourful item and then use neutrals for other things. A room does not need to be bursting with bright colours. A few bold pops can be eye-catching. A beautiful traditional red Persian rug, surrounded by neutral coloured furniture, can create colour in a space without being overly distracting. Also, of course, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is always a nice, colourful touch.

If you want a design based on lots of colours, one approach is to choose an artwork or wall art and select colours and decorations that complement the art piece. Additional benefit if they were created by the same artist, so they feature related motifs, colours, and shapes. At the same time, this keeps things interesting.

An excellent choice can be to have selected wall art and then put decoration around it so it really can attract attention.

If you want to use colour but want the interior design to feel timeless and neutral, use lighter shades of classic hues, for example, blues, reds, and greens. Also, of course, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is always a nice, colourful touch.

Blush pink is a perfect choice to include as it can be neutral based on other colours in the interiors. Overall, any two colours can match if an object seamlessly ties them together. In case of going big, you can go with bubble gum pink. It is great for a little kid’s room; however, to avoid a space being too juvenile mix it in complementary shades like bright red and turquoise to up the elegant factor.

Before deciding on the hue scheme, consider the mood you like to set in your interior space. For example, for a space to feel serene and relaxing, select a palette that is easy on the eyes, like earthy tones.

Stark white interior walls may look uninteresting, but when harmonizing with jewel-toned furniture, space looks even more bright and colourful and you’ll never get sick of looking at them. Also, if most of the furniture in your interior spaces is colourful, adding another colour by way of the walls may be a bit too much.

If anyone has a little doubt wrapping their interior space in lots of hues, pick one or two places where you would like to concentrate the colour and leave other areas neutral.

Vintage furniture is on every occasion an appropriate idea. You will love how the alluring hues will be faded after some years, giving the elements a worn-in feature that makes space feel warmer and more inviting.

In the case of playing with colours in an interior space, there are an immense amount of different art works that can be created and make unique interior designs.


The source of all pictures is Pinterest.